Classic Car Transport

Moving classic cars requires extra supervision to guarantee their safe delivery. We understand the significance of proper handling and protection of classic cars. That’s why we offer insurance coverage of up to £500,000 per vehicle, with the flexibility to increase that coverage according to your car’s value.

Who We Cater For

This service is ideal for antique, vintage and collector vehicles. Our classic enclosed car transport service caters to private dealers, private collections, and companies who need to move these valuable vehicles.

We understand that classic cars hold more than just monetary value, but also sentimental value.

We handle all our classic cars with the utmost care and respect.

Safety and Security Measures for Classic Car Transport

To provide a safe and secure journey for your vehicle, our transporters are equipped with straps that securely fasten to your car without making contact with the body or wheel rims. Additionally, we also have a variety of loading ramps to ensure a smooth and seamless loading process. We have over a decade of experience in transporting classic cars and the expertise to handle your vehicle with the care it deserves.

Insurance Coverage for Classic Car Transport

Having protection against potential damage or loss during transit is extremely important during classic car transport. Rest assured that your vehicles will be safe whilst in our care. All of our modern transport carriers are fitted with winches and fully are compliant with transport regulations. We fully insure vehicles for up to £500,000 each, and can arrange higher insurance values if necessary.

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