Supercar Transport

Our supercar transport services use enclosed trailers designed to protect your vehicle during transit from weather, debris and any other potential damage. We understand the ins and outs of specific handling requirements for these types of vehicles. We also use the proper methods for securing them during transport.

Who We Cater For

Our supercar transportation service caters to luxury supercars market including brands such as Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, Koenigsegg and more. Our team has specialized knowledge and extensive experience necessary to handle all types of supercars with the greatest level of care and protection.

Confidentiality for Supercar Transport

Our enclosed vehicles are used to ensure the privacy of your vehicle. We understand that privacy is a top priority when working with private buyers or car owners. You can trust us to transport your valuable supercar with the utmost confidentiality and dependability it deserves.

Insurance Coverage for Supercar Transport

We are fully insured to protect your car in case of damage during transport up to £500,000. Our insurance coverage can be increased based on the value of the vehicle, ensuring peace of mind for both private and commercial transport clients. We are also insured to drive the vehicle short distances on the road if required.

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