Vehicle Transport Portsmouth

Are you looking for a safe and reliable vehicle transport service to or from Portsmouth? Whether you need an economy, commercial, classic or supercar moved, we have plenty of options to suit your needs. We provide a high base level of insurance and deliveries are done by electric POC (proof of collection) and POD (proof of delivery). We also use MoDel real-time delivery tracking for our corporate deliveries.

About CJ Vehicle Transport

Since 2006, CJ Vehicle Transport has been providing outstanding vehicle transport services for private and commercial clients. Based out of Southampton Port, we provide nationwide transport, be it for a single vehicle or a multi-vehicle delivery contract. Our customers choose us because we move all kinds of vehicles with full insurance and operate in a friendly, professional and respectable manner.

Insurance Coverage for Car Transport

We are fully insured to protect your car in case of damage during transport up to £500,000. Our insurance coverage can be increased based on the value of the vehicle, ensuring peace of mind for both private and commercial transport clients. We are also insured to drive the vehicle short distances on the road if required.

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